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A Family Vehicle

For the first 10 years of my life, I was an only child. Then, my younger sister was born. She definitely changed our family for the better. However, after my sister’s arrival, my parents soon discovered the family needed more space. Our house suddenly became too small. In addition to our home, my parents decided the family needed a larger vehicle. So they set out to purchase a minivan. They fell in love with a blue one at a local auto dealership. The kind salesperson allowed my parents to test drive the minivan over an entire weekend. After keeping the automobile for two days, my parents were hooked. On this blog, I hope you will be inspired to begin your search for the vehicle your family will make unforgettable memories in for the next several years.


Why Two Car Families Should Consider Replacing Both Cars At Once

Being in a two car family means double the abilities for moving around, but it also means double the maintenance and double the replacements later on. Many couples choose to replace their cars in tandem, allowing the deterioration of the vehicles to determine when the cars get replaced. Another method for vehicle replacement that could make life easier for the family is to replace both vehicles at once. Here are four reasons you should replace both vehicles in one visit to an auto dealership. Read More 

4 Things To Consider When Buying A Used RV

If you enjoy seeing the world, you may want to purchase a recreational vehicle (RV) to allow you to do so. There are numerous advantages of buying an RV and one of these includes being able to save money while you travel. You'll be able to have a place to stay, and this will avoid the need for purchasing a hotel room each night. However, the cost of a new RV may be more money that you have to your budget. Read More 

How To Protect Your Investment On A Used Car

If you are out shopping for a used car, the biggest factor or concern you may have is the risk that is involved in your purchase. Buying a used car will come with more risks than if you were to buy a new vehicle. However, you can limit and even eliminate the risks involved when shopping for used vehicles. A great way to do that is to shop from a dealership. Read More 

Non-Traditional Sources for Auto Financing

There are thousands of banks, credit unions and finance companies that are willing and eager to finance an auto purchase for consumers with good credit. These loans come with interest, monthly payments and in some cases, administrative or loan origination fees. If a borrower has less than perfect credit, it can be difficult to get a traditional loan to finance an automobile purchase. Even individuals with good credit may wish to avoid taking a loan from a bank or finance company, especially if they plan to purchase a home in the next one to two years. Read More 

Why Buying A Used Car From A Dealership Is Best

If you have been thinking about buying a used car, but have concerns about buying a car that has already been driven by a previous owner, then you may find it best to shop from a dealership. Buying a used car can come with risks, but you can eliminate most, if not all, of these risks by shopping from a dealership as you can obtain protection against your investment and purchase a reliable vehicle. Read More